Developing the Relationship You Want With Your Horse

Working together to:

• Increase Confidence
• Build Trust
• Encourage Willingness
• Inspire Respect with our equine partners

Does your horse ever:

• rush back to the barn and/or not want leave the herd?
• disrespect your personal space?
• not come to you when you approach him/her?
• paw or pull at the rail?
• resist when being bridled
• not easily accept deworming paste?
• lean on you when you pick out his/her feet?
• refuse to walk calmly into and/or out of the trailer?
• have poor manners at feeding time?
• rear, buck or bite?

Would you like to:

• increase your horse’s focus and attention?
• get your horse soft on the bit (with only a snaffle)?
• improve your horse’s lateral flexion?
• ride more from your seat and legs than from the reins?
• bring out the best in you and your horse?

Come to Christy’s next clinic and learn how to achieve your goals more quickly through a better understanding of your horse's responses.

To schedule a clinic or a lesson with Christy Jemail please call: Christy at (303) 666-6364 or (303) 579-0347 or email her at christy@equinimity.com

All Riding Disciplines Welcome