What People Are Saying About Christy Jemail and Equinimity

"I have been looking for a long time to be able to develop a deeper relationship with my horses, as I've always had a feeling that no matter how excellent my trainers were, there was still an element missing. With Christy, not only have we solved some long-standing problems, but my horses and I are communicating much more clearly and with a lot less effort. I recommend this approach to anyone interested in gaining more respect from and mutuality with their horses."
--- Liz Williams, Boulder, CO

"What do you get when you put a green rider, an abused horse and Christy Jemail together?....A MIRACLE! When I rescued my abused six year old Arabian, Peter Pan, in the fall of 1999 most felt I had lost my mind. He was so severely traumatized as to be unrideable much of the time and as I had only been riding a year, I lacked almost everything necessary to rehabilitate him...except love and Christy. With a wisdom that goes beyond words and a patience that deserves a medal, she painstakingly brought us through the reactive darkness of distrust and fear into the place of trust and peace. In less than three months the true Pan began to show himself; in six months people were beginning to notice the difference and at the end of the first year he was a new horse, the horse he was always meant to be!! Christy's natural gift with horses and people combined with her Equinimity Program saved Pan's life and brought the best out in both of us. We never ride without her!"
--- Mimi Shannon, Malibu, California

"Christy has helped us transform a young horse with attitude into a willing partner. Her deep respect and love for the horse's spirit and character shine through all her work, and she brings freshness and enthusiasm to the training techniques."
--- Nan deGrove, Boulder, CO

"Christy has worked with both my daughter and with me, on trailer loading and groundwork. My daughter has a somewhat nervous horse that was having a very difficult time loading safely, or at all, for that matter. Within 2 hours Christy had him paying attention, calmly walking on and off the trailer, and generally more at ease with the entire process. Not only did she achieve great results with the horse, but clearly communicated what was needed to my then 13 year old daughter who can now load him no matter what the mood or circumstances. Christy is a warm, caring, skilled individual who I would recommend absolutely."
--- Virginia Carr, Boulder, CO

"In the years I've worked with Christy and the Equinimity program, I have discovered there is more than simply getting on horses and riding. Christy offers a very supportive method of training for you - and your horse. She has helped me solve the minor problems I've had, as well as the major ones. Because of her program, I have a deeper, more enriched relationship with my horses. I highly recommend Christy to anyone who wants a better understanding of their horse."
--- Laurie Ronan, Erie, CO